When I turned 23

Posted 1:11 AM by Gloria S. Álvarez in Etiquetas:

I thought something major would happen when I turned 23. It was the final countdown, the final stretch to us. Maybe, just maybe, this had all been one of your games- the longest, and cruelest of them all. You'd admit that you'd known all along that what we shared, that the person you were with me was the best side of you. That you'd admit that no one would ever have you in the way I did.

But then I realize, once more, that I never had you. That all I had were the memories I constructed in my mind- the ones I still have a hard time discerning whether they are real or made up. Now were strangers, two people who once used to know each other. 
Two people that are now bound to reunite once every 10 years by accident, in the beverage aisle of a supermarket, after-hours. We'll see each other and see what time has done to us, how the debris of years past has hidden the faces we once thought as familiar. We'll say we'll get together, we should all get together; even though we know we never will. Our next meeting will be another fateful accident.

I thought it would all be different when I turned 23. That you showing me the song by Jimmy Eat World was all carefully planned, that all the waiting till I was 23 would just make our story even better. That you'd say the words right out the song, maybe not holding a boombox over your head, but in an equally cheesy and romantic way that I'd retell ad nauseam to anyone who'd listen. 

But I turned 23. And nothing happened.

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Nadine B. Hack said...

Dear Gloria - much awaits you in your life journey so do not despair. Someone (in fact, probably many people) will truly "see" you and love you fully for who you are. If you'd like read my blog post, "life, death, friend, family." Keep hope alive! With warmest wishes from your older sister/friend, - Nadine