DIY: Glittery Cowboy Boots

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My DIY adventures continue, and this time the flaming queen inside of me and my undying love for glitter were the inspiration for these babies. At the bottom you'll find the tutorial I based these off of, but I'll give the step by step instructions I followed as well.

Materials used:
  • Mod Podge Gloss Lustre 4 Oz. - Mod Podge is an awesome glue + sealer + finish. It makes the glitter stick while it gives it a shiny and glossy finish.
  • Glitter - I used 2 main color bottles: purple and a medley of all colors. Since I purchased a case that had 5 other colors, I also splashed a bit of white, green, and silver as well. Keep in mind you can use any glitter you can find, but the results will be a lot better if you get the finer glitter flakes instead of thicker ones.
  • Sand paper / Nail Files - It's good to polish the surface of the shoe before you apply the Mod Podge. Sand paper would be the best thing to use, but since I didn't have any at home I used 2 big nail files instead, and they did the trick.
  • Masking Tape - Since I was just painting selected areas of my boots, I used the masking tape to cover the areas I didn't want to be painted (including the heels).
  • Grocery Plastic Bags - You'll use them to stuff them in your shoes so no glitter gets inside them, also this helps keep them stiff while you're putting on the Mod Podge.
  • Medium-sized Paint Brush
  • Small container - This is where you'll mix the glitter and the glue, so pick a container that's disposable. If you can't find a disposable one, you can use a small Tupperware container and line it with aluminum foil so the glue mix doesn't get in contact with the container.
  • Newspaper - To line your work area: working with glitter can get messy, so you don't want to ruin your work surface.
  • Old Shoes - I used these Cowboy Boots I had stored in my closet, but you can use any shoe you want to renew (flats, heels, sandals, boots, etc). The only thing it needs is to be faux leather, patent, or any surface that's smooth. I don't know how well this would work on cloth.
  • (Optional) Plastic gloves - If you want to be extra careful in preventing any glue or glitter of getting in your hands. I used mine at the beginning but as I went along I realized I didn't really need them; it's your choice.
  • (Optional) X-acto Knife - To help remove any masking tape that could get stuck on the shoes once you are finished with the project.
This the "before" picture, the shoes before they were "glitterized" :P. They're some boots I bought at Rainbow in clearance for $7 bucks. I'd used them sometimes but I figured they'd really pop if they were all shiny.

Step 1: After lining your work area with the newspapers, use the sand paper (or in my case, the nail files) to file through the entire surface you're covering with glitter. This helps the glue stick better.

Step 2: Using the masking tape, line the parts you want to protect from the glitter. In my case, I covered the soles and heels, and the leathery part that I wanted to stay caramel colored.

Step 3: In your container, pour the glitter you want to use (if it's two different colors pour them and mix both colors together first). Next, pour the Mod Podge into the glitter and mix the glue and glitter together. In my case I poured a little less than half the 4 Oz. bottle and mixed it together, and then kept pouring as much as necessary.

Next, using your paint brush, spread the Glitter/Mod Podge mix onto your shoes. Try to do it in even, thin layers instead of clumping the glitter on- this will make the final result so much better. After you've applied the first coat, let dry for at least 30 min., and then proceed to apply as many coats as you wish (always letting each coat dry for at least 30 min.). I applied 2 coats on my first day, then let them dry overnight, and proceeded to paint another coat then day after. After that coat dried, I checked all over which places needed an extra touch and brushed the mix onto those. Keep in mind that when applied the Mod Podge has a whitish color, but it dries clear.

When my final glitter layer was dry, I also applied an extra layer of plain Mod Podge, to make sure the glitter would stick and that the boots would be extra glossy.

These are the tips once they were done- super shiny!

I also painted the upper edge of the boots.

Here they are! In all their glittery glory!

Here are the tutorials I based these off of- both are awesome Style and DIY blogs, so also check out their other entries!: Syl and Sam: Tutorial Inspired by Glitter Litas and Pixie in Pumps: Glitter Shoes

If you make your own using this guide, make sure to show off your creation by posting a pic on the comments! Happy creating! :)

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