When Ben Gibbard Sings

Posted 1:00 AM by Gloria S. Álvarez in Etiquetas:

I've related your name and your memory to Ben Gibbard's voice.
And, automatically, when he's singing me to sleep, you come up again. And so do the tears...
But why?
What do I mourn with these tears?
Is it really you that I miss?

In this cold night in the city of my dreams I find myself missing the solitude you made me feel.
In that darkness I found the company of your illusion, and of a not so sane me.

A few years later, a few screws tightened,And a voice that's not even your own
Is capable to take me back to that room, illuminated by a single, crimson bulb,
Where the music blasted as I crawled to bed,
You mirage looking over me...
As it still does when Ben Gibbard sings.

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